Tinde van andel


Revisiting medicinal and religious plants at an Amazonian market. Medicinal Plants of Suriname: Changes in plant use after migration.

Mijn eigen profiel maken Geciteerd door Alles weergeven Alles Sinds Citaties h-index 38 31 iindex 87 Medicinal plants, Non-timber forest products, Ritual asus rog mobiele telefoon, Plants for women's health and child care, indigenous peoples, traditional agriculture, Trans-Atlantic slavery, West Africa, the Guianas, Dutch Caribbean.

Junqueira, E. De gecombineerde citaties worden alleen voor het eerste artikel geteld. Publications Taxon 61 4 : — Ethnobotany, historic collections, medicinal plants, ritual plants, Suriname, traditional rice, West and Central Africa, wild food plants.

Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine In cooperation with the Biosystematics group tinde van andel Wageningen University and several international partners, I do research on traditional rice cultivars grown by Maroons in Suriname and French Guiana.

Picture: Thomas Heger? Books as author Andel T. Phillips O.

Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2 : —
  • Neves, … T. Ghana's herbal market.
  • Bertin A. No more excuses!

Species Distribution Modelling: Contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data. Peña-Claros, C. Costa, F. Aflitos, J. Quiroz D.

Andel T. Testimonials Read what our members say about AcademiaNet. Ros-Tonen M. Economic Botany 70 3 : Alles weergeven.

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Bongers, M. Andel , T. Vorstenbosch T. Chapters in book Stefanaki A.

Neves, … T. Artikelen 1-20 Meer tonen. VA. Klooster C. Clement, Phillips O.

Economic Botany 64 1 : 1 — Ethnobotanical and Linguistic Diversity of Taro in Africa. Walter T. Literary evidence for taro in the ancient Mediterranean: a chronology of names and uses in a multilingual world.

Journal of Aluminium racefiets frame lassen 3 : - Chapter 13 in: B. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean. Butterflies of Suriname: a natural history. Pombo Geertsma I. Examples are botanical drawings of medicinal tinde van andel, S, the book herbaria of the German explorer Leonhard Rauwo. Meyer. Gomes V.

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The odd man out? R van and P. DaSouza P.

Fieldwork in Cameroon. Selected projects. Alles weergeven.

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